Perfect Hair for the Perfect Pony

Hair Care is probably the first thing you need to know about.

From the types of Shampoos, Conditioners, Heat Protectors and so on.

Why is this Important? 

Here are some common questions that get asked....

Why does my hair feel like it has build up?

Why is my Blonde becoming yellow?

Why does heat styling damage my hair so much?

Why are my hair products not helping my hair concerns?


Here are some tips to help with those questions.

There is a significant difference between Professional Products and Supermarket Products. The price stands out, but it's the ingredients that are the most important.

Using products that are Sulphate, Paraben and Silicone free are the way to go. (Professional Products all the way)

Sulphates are the reason your hair is losing its tone and vibrance, hence affecting your colour. 

Silicones are responsible for coating your hair leaving it unable to breathe.This causes breakage! 

Funnily enough hair is a living thing! 

Blondes- Ever feel like your going yellow? You need a purple shampoo to balance out those unwanted tones and keeping your blonde super fresh!

If you feel like your products aren't helping your hair or scalp concerns, your more than likely not using the right products.

That's ok...

Hairdressers are educated in being able to select the right products for you. It's all part of the trade. Intrust in them and you and your hair will thank them.

You may spend that bit extra but it will maintain every aspect of your hair.

If your using heat styling tools, a heat protectant is a must!

It protects your hair from many elements just like a sunscreen would  for your skin.

This will also help with dryness and split ends.

No one wants a dry looking ponytail.

At Scrunchie Scrunch, we LOVE Eleven Australia 

You can check them out and see why.


Care for your hair and you will have no troubles managing your Mane