Messy Pony Tail

Wanted to know how to create an Easy Messy Pony?

Here it is......

Prepping your hair is the first step. Having it wavy or curled will give you the "Messy Look" As opposed to straight hair.

We think waved is BEST.

To Wave your hair, use a straightener or curling wand

Our favorites: Cloud Nine Straightener or Muk Curling Stick.

Set the Waves with Hairspray.

Our favourite: Eleven Australia's Flexible Hairspray.

Once the Waves are complete and set, Brush them out with a Tangle Teaser Brush  or wide tooth Comb to soften the wave even more.

With the pony pull your hair back as normal, before using your scrunchie create any volume you want at your crown by gently pulling the hair towards the front. It's nice always soften around face by pulling little bits of hair down by your ears. It really keeps up the messy look.

Once you have the volume and softness around your face it's time to secure it with your Scrunchie.

Loop your scrunchie three times to ensure its tight enough.

You may only need to do it twice if your hair is thicker.

Then tighten the pony tail itself.

Mess up the Waves a little further and finish off with a bit more Hairspray.

There you have it.

Messy Pony's in Minutes