Clips...... How do I wear them?


So we are all slightly obsessed with all the NEW Clips and Pins right?

But how do we wear them?

I mean yes of course we want a beautiful collection to stare at and call ours. We also want to wear them. Here's how:

To The Side - You may like to have your Hair waved or straight. We find tucking your hair slightly behind the ears will not only secure your hair but you won't have clips hanging down by your ears. Too easy!


GLAMOUR- We find any Pearl Pin or Pearl Clip is your go to for anything that little bit fancy. Giving your hair those big waves and placing some Pearls around the front is going to give you the WOW Factor. Even a slick or messy bun with some pearls, you'll have heads turning!

To the Back- If your wanting all your Hair off your face or to have minimal hair out at the front to soften your face, why not secure it with Clips! A super easy look for work, dinners, or if you just want some colour. We always need colour! Right?

It's totally up to you how you like to wear your clips. There is definitely never any wrong way. They are yours and do with them what you wish! Fun is what its all about. Creating something different is trend setting. 


Start your own, Show off your little Beauties!